Victorian Christmas Tree Tinsel – Handmade Tin Icicles Ornaments in Canada

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This timeless decoration adds a finishing touch to any tree.
The multiple twists on each piece will add sparkle to your tree.
Packed in sturdy tin containers for storage, each tube contains 50- five and half inch silvery pieces.
Pieces are 5.5 inches long. Width at middle of taper is .105 inches
Made from tinplated Steel. Will hold shine for many years. Made in Canada

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm

4 reviews for Victorian Christmas Tree Tinsel – Handmade Tin Icicles Ornaments in Canada

  1. Brenda Curtis (verified owner)

    So very beautiful. We put up 12-14′ tree every year . Bought 2 . planni g to buy 3 more. Luv them and no more worries about grandchildren or dogs getting sick

  2. Katie

    Love these classic ornaments!
    Bought four tins of them and want more for next year for presents!
    Beautiful ❤️

    • gpietersma

      Thanks Katie! I appreciate the feedback. Greg

  3. Janette Ash

    I have owned my tinsel for almost 25 years (oh my is that even possible? LOL) they sparkle like the day I bought them. I have 300 and use them on a fresh tree. They make the tree magical. I get a tremendous amount of compliments and inquires. I always suggest Lee Valley as the place to buy them. Have gotten a few friends “hooked” {pun intended) over the years. I just joined a Christmas group on facebook and spread the word about your lovely tinsel to the group. Thanks Pieterma Tin Works, I am proud that you are a made in Canada company, wishing you much continued success.

    • gpietersma

      Thanks for the great feedback! And thanks for getting friends “hooked” – We love that!

  4. Jane Will

    Our neighbour gave these to us as a gift about 15 years ago. We use them on the Christmas tree every year and they’re beautiful. They sparkle without looking gaudy. Unfortunately as careful as I try to be, we wind up throwing a couple out with the tree every year. We’re down to about 20 of them now so I’m so happy to find your site and see where I can buy another can of them. So smart of you to put your contact information on the can!

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